Mountain Lion

I was traveling today, so I didn’t hear about Mountain Lion until late. What a great surprise.

For all of its advances Lion has always felt a little rough around the edges, with one foot in OS X 10.6 and another in iOS 4. To be fair, I’m not sure that could have been avoided given the scope of what Apple was doing with the release, but it doesn’t change that it lacks the unified experience of prior OS X versions.

It looks like Mountain Lion is going to give OS X its polish back. While none of the ten highlighted features are “must haves” for me, collectively they all do exactly what was needed and tidy up the OS. I have to admit my confidence was shaken a little with Lion, but Mountain Lion looks right on point.

Other quick thoughts:

  • If Apple moves to an annual release cycle for OS X — even if the updates are modest — I am going to be ecstatic.
  • I am already thinking of ways to script Reminders and Notifications into my workflows. I hope both have extensive AppleScript support.
  • The app that still doesn’t mirror iOS is iTunes. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the iTunes breakup into Music, Videos, etc. will hit in 10.9.
  • As usual, John Gruber’s take is essential reading.

I can’t wait to give it a run.

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