Create Tumblr Bookmarklet in Safari on the iPad

As I mentioned in a previous post, Safari on the iPad supports bookmarklets in the Bookmarks Bar.  If you’re looking to add the “Share on Tumblr” bookmarklet, I don’t believe Tumblr has an updated Goodies page that lets you drag the bookmarklet straight to the iPad Bookmarks Bar.  So here’s how to do it:

  1. Create a bookmark in Safari (it can be any page) and name it “Share on Tumblr”.  Save it in the Bookmarks Bar” folder.
  2. Edit the bookmark and delete what is currently in the address field.
  3. Copy this Tumblr javascript code from Safari on your iPad, and then paste it into the address field.
  4. Save the bookmark.

The process is a little cumbersome, but once you understand the concept keep in mind that you can do it for any bookmarklet.


  1. AlexSchleber

    I had been wondering the same thing for the bookmarklet when I tested out the iPad when it first came out, companies really need to update their Tools/Bookmarklet pages due to this iPad/Safari design flaw.

    Someone else had suggested adding all bookmarklets you need in a Desktop Safari, and then syncing them to iPad via iTunes…

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